Day 356

Like most babies and household pets, Miles developed a quick aversion to the sound of both hairdryers and vacuums. Some mornings, Miles might find himself crawling across the floor towards the hallway bathroom where Jaclyn was getting ready for the day. The push of a button on her hairdryer, and Miles would do a fast 180 and start scooting away at top speed.

Now, however, Miles has not only grown accustomed to the sound of these devices — he has an impression of them that he rolls out every time we turn one of them on. When I hit the button on the vacuum, starting its cleansing roar, Miles immediately turns his head my way and begins droning, “MMMMMMMMMMMM. (breath) MMMMMMMMMMM.” He has since started employing the same noise when the hairdryer is in use.

I expected Miles to gradually pick up English (and, hopefully, German) in the home. I never dreamed he’d also start speaking appliance.

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