Day 353

Wednesdays are usually the days I get to see Miles the least. The second of my weekly trivia shows falls on Wednesday night and requires me to drive about 30-40 minutes, trimming an ample portion from my evening. Typically, I get to see Miles at daycare pickup, spend time with him in the car driving home, then drop him off and almost immediately head out. As a father, it’s less than ideal.

Imagine my surprise then, when I looked up just after the halftime question at tonight’s game to find Jaclyn and Miles walking in. Jaclyn had been up in the north Charlotte area and decided to stop in on her way back home. I’m not sure who was smiling more — me or Miles.

Miles made the rounds, seeing some of the regular players for whom his stories have become legend. His eyes immediately found me every time I got back on the microphone (man, I’d love to bottle and preserve his awe…because no way is it lasting). He even reached out for the mic a couple times, but sadly couldn’t talk loudly enough to be heard over the PA system.

While his visit meant staying up a bit past his bedtime, seeing Miles was a welcome distraction for me!

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