Day 239

Since he was born, Miles has had a rechargeable, egg-shaped nite lite that we’ve used from time to time (i.e., when it’s actually charged) to avoid leaving him in pitch black room at bedtime. I came home the other day to find that it now had a face on it. I had no idea how or why it had suddenly been given a mouth and two eyes, but I immediately followed up with Jaclyn. Evidently, the light had come with several pages of stickers to customize it, granting the user (a responsible adult) the ability to give it virtually any expression imaginable. That said, this was the best Jaclyn could do:

“Hey guys! Don’tcha like me?!”

Sure, he looks happy enough, I suppose, but let me tell you — Miles LOVES it. Every time he looks this thing in the eyes, he starts laughing and yelling merrily. Despite the best warnings of They Might Be Giants, I never imagined my son’s best friend would be a nite lite.

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