Day 233: Sounds of the Night-time IV

Until our move last week, Miles has spent his nights sharing a room with us. While there’s something really wonderful about hearing him breathing or rolling over during the night, Jaclyn and I were both ready to reclaim our space (and give Miles room to accommodate all of his stuff). Now that Miles has his own room, we’ve invested in that heretofore unnecessary baby accessory — the monitor.

We didn’t go for all the bells and whistles (no video monitoring…I’m not like some sort of creeper!), just a basic model — the VTech DM111. It definitely fits our needs, but…make sure you check that volume on the first night.

Last night, we all slept soundly until around 3 AM, when Miles’s abrupt wailing jolted me and Jaclyn awake. It was such a sudden, drastic shift that it sent chills to our cores, particularly mine, as it woke me from a dream in which someone was telling me that Miles needed help (seriously). “Get the baby!” I yelled, my mouth getting way out ahead of my consciousness. Jaclyn was already on her feet, racing to Miles’s room.

Of course, the crisis passed quickly, and Miles was sound asleep soon enough. And me? Well I made a pretty significant adjustment to the volume on the baby monitor today.

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