Day 209

Today gave me a reminder of just how far Miles’s leg strength has come and how quickly he can move when properly provoked. Every time I change Miles’s diaper or get him dressed, there is a play period that lasts several minutes which typically involves tickling, raspberries, dancing…anything that gets Miles laughing. Today, as I was leaning in to tickle Miles’s belly, he responded by lifting his legs and delivering a swift, decisive kick to by throat.

“Whoa!” Jaclyn said, just standing there as I recoiled. “He just donkey-kicked you in the throat!”

I collapsed on the bed next to Miles not out of pain, but borne of a desire to see if he reacted in any way to his baseless attack and the outcome of it. Coldly, he simply continued playing with his feet, gurgling merrily as though nothing had happened.

Have I created a remorseless monster?

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