Day 199

Because I have a boss who is incredibly understanding (and can tell when I’m not at my best), I went into work late today so I could have a little time this morning to catch up on the sleep that has thus far eluded me this week. Jaclyn had worked a half day on Tuesday to help with this, and I was eager for my turn to get some unabated slumber.

Jaclyn woke up and took care of the baby as usual this morning, and while there was a lot of noise involved in this process, I knew that this was only temporary and I was far enough removed from it that I was still able to retain some degree of unconsciousness throughout the din.

Then Jaclyn got in the shower. And in my barely-alert state I heard a sentence that made my heart sink: “Here, go lay next to your daddy.”

What the hell was this? I was supposed to be getting sleep! That’s, like, the whole reason I wasn’t up getting ready for work! And of course the second Miles landed in the bed next to me he’s crying up a storm. My brain was already calculating just how much sleep I wouldn’t be getting even factoring in my late start; it was already 8:30, I had told my boss I’d be in around 10…I figured I was already only looking at 35-40 minutes of sleep, tops. Despair set in quickly.

Needless to say, the moment Jaclyn left to take Miles to daycare I was out And that projected 10:00 arrival time at work? It turned into 11:30 real quick.

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