Day 171

Miles may have not slept well in Denver, but boy is he making up for it this week. He has  slept like a rock the last two nights, to the extent that this morning it was nearly impossible to even get him out of bed.

With limited time available before I had to be out the door, Jaclyn and I both found ourselves looming over his Pack ‘n’ Play, trying to coax him into consciousness. Taking a page out of his old man’s playbook, Miles blinked a few times, looked up at us, then rolled over and closed his eyes again. Twice.

When Jaclyn finally hauled him out of bed, Miles immediately started fussing. He calmed down after a couple minutes, having presumably resigned himself to his fate like so many working adults.

Part of me is proud to see one of my more defining characteristics reflected in my son. On the other hand, I’m already dreading what his teenage years are going to look like.

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