Day 143

One of Miles’s more adorable developments of late has been his discovery of faces. No longer content to just gaze at someone’s face, Miles will now reach out and grab the head of anyone who gets close enough — nose, ears, hair…you name it. And when he seizes that ear or that cheek he starts giggling fitfully, like he’s finally completed the final phase of a master plan he’s been plotting since he first noticed his fingers move.

But then, maybe this wasn’t the final phase of his plan after all. Today, in the brief window between getting Miles home from daycare and my departure for trivia, all three of us were lounging on the bed, spending those scant few minutes together. I was mid-wardrobe change, which I didn’t think much of until I got close enough for Miles to reach out for my chin.

Imagine my shock when his hand abruptly changed course and instead grasped my armpit hair. What had, moments earlier, been a pleasant time shared among family members suddenly became a painful reminder that children are perhaps destined to turn on their creators. But hey, good news to report, this kid currently registers somewhere between “solid” and “death” on the Grip Scale.

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