Day 140

Saturday morning, I woke to the dulcet tones of Jaclyn’s voice, barking in typical passive aggressive fashion, “Well I guess we aren’t going to the beach today!” It was 10:30 in the morning.

I have to wonder what’s going through his head when we cram him into this outfit.

I promised her that we would instead go Sunday morning. Yes, I had my reunion (and what was very likely to be a late night) ahead of me, but I wanted to introduce our son to the ocean as much as she did. After all, the sounds of the rolling tide lull him into unconsciousness most nights (thanks, Alexa!).

Miles meets the Atlantic
A life of wistful gazing begins

And what did Miles think of the experience? As usual, he kept a poker face throughout, but I will confirm that he pissed all over me at lunch afterwards. Actions, perhaps, speak louder than words.

Enjoying (?) the breeze
Enjoying (definitely) the salt


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