Day 118

Today was the first weekend day in what feels like forever that was almost completely free of social obligations and engagements. Given Jaclyn’s growing separation anxiety, this couldn’t have come at a better time, as it gave both of us a chance to spend some quality time with Miles.

Of course, we were both really, really exhausted, too. So we decided to try something that Miles has never granted us more than ten minutes for until now: a family nap.

Typically, setting Miles in his bassinet in the middle of the afternoon yields 10, maybe 15 minutes of sleep before the fussing starts. Today, however, I decided to take a page out of my early morning playbook and see if I could compel him to sleep a bit longer. He had a long week too, what with all the daycare and baby-meeting, right?

I pulled his bassinet over to my side of the bed and just gazed at him as I drifted off. He looked back at me, and every time I kept my eyes closed for just a little longer I’d open them to find he was doing the same. Before I knew it (seriously, I don’t actually remember the moment I fell asleep), all three of us were out.

And it wasn’t a short nap either. In the time Jaclyn and I have known each other, we’ve had a handful of naps that were truly unforgettable given how relaxing and comfortable they were. Today’s — our first real family nap — has joined their hallowed ranks.

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