Day 116

Miles reached another milestone this week (or “Miles-stone,” as his Uncle Scott calls it). In recent weeks, he was clearly growing increasingly discontent with being held over the shoulder or, especially, sitting in his carrier. When placed in the latter, chest to chest with either me or Jaclyn, Miles has tended to turn his head furiously, desperate to see what’s going on around him as 80% of his view is obstructed by a parent’s torso.

But now, finally, his neck strength has reached a point where we can flip him around in the carrier, giving him a chance to face forward the way God intended.

Also, he sort of looks like he’s ready to rob a train.

He has already proven captivated by his improved views of the interior of the elevator and the cavernous concrete expanse that is the parking garage. Miles’s outlook on the world has indeed changed!

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