Day 106: The Teething Diaries I

Well, Miles has definitely started teething. What started as an innocent love affair between a boy and his hand/forearm has turned into something far more aggressive. And as someone who has found my finger quickly seized and crammed into his mouth (repeatedly), I can confirm that Miles has developed some serious jaw power.

Somebody cut this guy off!

Maybe it was when he stared at me while I consumed a double Beef ‘n’ Cheddar at Arby’s the other day, or maybe it was the side-eye he gave me while I was eating potato chips…at some point, Miles decided that solid food is something he wants as soon as he can chew it.

The signs are all there. Not only is Miles emphatically gumming everything he can get his hands on (including, of course, his hands), he has increased drool production by somewhere around 300%. He’s even developed a new cry for the occasion, which we heard for the first time this weekend, to let us know that the teeth are coming and yes, they are uncomfortable.

Teething must suck. I’m not sure any adult out there really remembers what growing a goddamn tooth feels like, but it CAN’T be pleasant having a bunch of hard, sharp objects erupt from your gums. No wonder sharks are pissed off all the time!

At 14 weeks old, Miles is still a few months away from the point that his teeth are scheduled (as much as one can schedule such things) to come in. Getting there may be a long, arduous process, but I know at the end of it…I’ll be able to eat a cheeseburger with my son.

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