The First Hundred Days


As hard as it is for me to even wrap my brain around, 100 days have already passed since Miles was born.

People say it all the time, but it really is amazing just how parenthood consumes you. “It takes over your life,” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot by parents, and while that’s not an inaccurate assessment, it also shouldn’t exclusively be read with despair, exasperation, and lamentation.

At the moment Miles was born, I felt the change. It’s crazy, but being a parent is almost never something I have to consciously consider — it’s simply something I wasn’t one moment, and the next I was. Consideration for Miles impacts every thought I have now. It’s never burdensome; rather, it’s more like growing an unexpected third arm and realizing, “So…I guess this is a thing now. Well okay then!”

I always wanted to have a kid, although I was never sure of when the “right time” would be (I think we ultimately did pretty well with that). Being a parent, raising a child, taking a lead role in the growth and development of another person…it always seemed to me like the most fundamentally human experience someone could have. These first hundred days have only confirmed my assumptions. Four months ago, I had never met this person, but in an instant he became the most important thing in my life. THAT is something profoundly unique to the parenting experience, and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for anything.

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