Day 89

Miles’s response to toys has been pretty hit-and-miss so far, which is understandable given that he’s still just trying to figure out what the hell his own hands are for (Note: he still thinks they’re edible). This week, Jaclyn got Miles a new toy, and it’s the first thing I can confirm that he clearly enjoys.

Pictured: The opposite.

The toy in question is the Oball, a ball about the size of Miles’s head comprised of a bendable plastic framework that provides plenty of circular openings, making it easy for even Miles’s ridiculously tiny digits to grasp. Given his current, growing curiosity with his burgeoning dexterity, this has proven the perfect time to give him something easy to hold onto.

And something with which to ponder the mysteries of the universe.

The coolest thing I’ve seen him do with it so far is set it down, then pick it back up. It feels weird to think of that as a huge development, but hey, when you’re a baby, that bar is pretty low!

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