Day 82

Jaclyn went out for a friend’s birthday tonight, and I took care of getting Miles ready for bed. First, I got him good and hype. Next, I changed his diaper, which disappointingly was poop-free. Then, I found what appeared to be an infant muumuu and threw that on him.

Pajamas? Eh, it’ll do.

At this point, Miles started getting a little fussy, knowing full-well what was ahead of him. So I scooped him up and carried him around the apartment for a few minutes to…I guess make him think it wasn’t bedtime? I dunno, but it worked great until it was time to actually put him down.

Nevertheless, Miles’s crying never stands for too long when faced with our secret weapon — the soothing sounds of the ocean, provided by that omnipresent obelisk herself, Alexa. Even his most adamant of protestations is dwarfed by the peerless might of the rolling sea.

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