Day 75

I haven’t seen a whole lot of Miles this week. Between work, trivia, and his 6:30-7:00 bedtime, there haven’t been many instances of conscious interaction between us. In fact, what few encounters we’ve had have increasingly been accompanied by expressions on Miles’s face that seemed to say, “…who the f@%# is this guy?”

Things changed, slightly, this morning, when Jaclyn went for a run and left me to take care of Miles’s morning feeding. It was a confusing experience for both of us — Miles because of the change in routine/scenery and me because I was still at least 75% asleep — but it was ultimately a nice, and much-needed, bonding experience.

As nice as this was, even better was my departure for work. Jaclyn always tries to bring Miles to the door to see me off every morning, but this was the first time Miles and I made eye contact, I waved and said, “Bye!” and the he started crying. Finally, some validation!

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