Day 73

Miles said his first word today! This morning, Jaclyn greeted him with a “Hi!” when he woke up, and he absolutely said, “Hi!” back to her. Okay, okay, maybe he just happened to make a noise that managed to sound like “hi,” but this kid still loves to babble.

Much of this babbling is done in isolation, when Miles has a room to himself. A few minutes after the “hi” incident, we walked past the room to find him carrying on about who knows what with no one in particular. Naturally, we dove towards him, eager to hear any and all cute, gurgly noises that he utters. The moment he laid eyes on us…silence.

I’ve worked around kids long enough to know when I’m being played. What is this baby planning? And why do I suddenly feel like he may be the smartest person in the apartment?

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