Day 67

One of the questions that Jaclyn has asked most often during Miles’s visits to the pediatrician is, “When can I start putting the baby to bed at 7:00?” We’ve been able (and lucky) to get Miles to sleep through the night since the second or third week, but I know Jaclyn’s exhausted by the time she goes to bed every night, and I frankly wouldn’t mind getting some of my TV time back (I’m averaging about twenty minutes a week right now, I think).

We’ve been experimenting (let’s call it a “soft launch”…a “beta test,” if you will) with earlier bedtimes this week, edging closer and closer to that 7:00 hour. So far, it’s going great, thanks in no small part to the fact that Miles is consuming over 6 ounces of formula regularly at the end of the day. He’s typically not even waking up to any great degree when we change his diapers during the night.

7:09 PM, passed TFO

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