Day 64

I got to leave work and spend a couple of hours with Miles today, which sounds great for me. The bad news is that it was so I could accompany Miles to the doctor to get prodded with approximately 500 needles. So it wasn’t really a great time for either of us.


Okay, okay, I exaggerate. Miles only had to get two injections, one in each of his beefy baby thighs. Still, it was hard watching him go from Guy Smiley one second to a red-faced banshee the next.

I was very obviously transparent in my sympathy, because Jaclyn observed that I “cried more than Miles did.” While I think this was ALSO an exaggeration, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Needles are definitely not my “thing.”

All-in-all, Miles cried for about three minutes, his initial shock of getting impaled quickly fading against his steely resolve. Thank goodness he inherited that from his mother!

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