Day 51

I can always tell when Jaclyn’s had a rough day with Miles because the second I get home from work she’ll immediately say, “Want to see daddy???” to him and lift him towards me. This includes trivia nights, when my turnaround time at home is roughly 5 minutes.

The problem for me is that I fall for it EVERY TIME. I’ve been pushing my commute time to within an inch of its life for weeks because once I’ve started spending time with the baby, it’s incredibly hard to pull myself away (and not just because it usually involves changing a diaper or two within the first five minutes). It’s growing even harder now because I never know if he’ll be asleep for the night by the time I get back home. I’m legitimately worried that there’s going to be a Tuesday and Wednesday gap one of these weeks, and between Monday and Thursday the baby will have forgotten who I even am.

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