Day 49

The key to newborn parenting success, whether you’re trying to clean or watch a movie, is planning ahead. Parenting is like an elaborate chess game. Like…three-dimensional chess. The point is, you need to know not what you need now, in this moment, but rather what you’re going to need 30 minutes from now.

Now if only I could get Jaclyn to buy into this. Frequently, Miles will start crying and Jaclyn will say, “Can you make him a bottle?” A simple enough request, sure, but first I’ll need to boil water, then cool the water, then make the formula. “Can you change his sheets?” Sure, except all of the spares are dirty and still in the laundry. “Can you put him in his pajamas?” You mean the ones that, like the sheets, are in the hamper?

That being said, Jaclyn still seems to find a way around whatever specific problem has arisen in the moment.

Okay, okay…maybe parenting isn’t all about planning ahead. Maybe it’s also about improvising. Fortunately, between Jaclyn and me, I think we’re pretty well covered (as long as neither of us ever talks to each other about our respective processes).

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