Day 47

We took Miles on his first road trip today, taking a day trip to Virginia mountain country. It provided me with two opportunities.

First, it let us get a good idea of just how Miles handles being in the car for extended periods of time and, honestly, how WE handle him being in the car for long periods of time. He got fussy occasionally, but overall he was the very model of a modern car-dwelling hominid. I think we probably did a little worse (let’s just say it’s a little hard to feed him from a bottle while he’s in his car seat).

Ready for Adventure!

The second opportunity this trip gave me was the chance to introduce Miles to that pinnacle of American automotion — the pickup truck. After our first pitstop in the heart of mountain country, we found that ours was the only sedan to he found, lost as it was in a sea of Ford F-150s. Miles got to see the true versatility of a flatbed, home as it is to anything and everything including, but not limited to: tools, handtrucks, dogs, woodchippers, and family members. “Anything you want,” I told him, “can go in the back of a pickup truck. It’s your god-given right as an American to put whatever the hell you want back there.” Overall, Miles seemed very enthused by the revelation (in that he didn’t fall asleep during my lecture).

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