Day 45

Guess who was up all night vomiting, then started suffering from dehydration in the early morning hours? And guess who managed to sleep through ALL of it?

If you’ve known me more than a year, you probably also know that the answer to the first question is not “Miles” but is in fact “Brian.” An intense acid reflux session tends to put me through a night like this more or less annually. Thankfully I didn’t end up at the hospital this time (although Jaclyn came very close to hauling me there).

So the fact that I had a lousy night is no surprise. No, the real remarkable part of the night was that Miles managed to sleep like a rock during all of the following:

  • the near-endless clearing of my throat
  • Jaclyn’s frequent insistence that I “drink water,” “take medicine,” etc.
  • loud, guttural coughing
  • me tripping as I got out of bed, tumbling to the floor and vomiting everywhere in the process
  • Jaclyn saying, “You should go to the hospital,” a dozen times, with increasing aggravation, between 4:00 and 5:30 AM
  • us actually getting him out of bed and dressing him to go to the hospital before I decided that the Gatorade I had been drinking for an hour was finally doing the trick

I finally got to sleep around 6:00 and I didn’t wake up until close to 11:30, when Jaclyn came in the bedroom and asked both Miles and myself if we were going to sleep all day. Yes, Miles slept until 11:30, just like his old man.

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