Day 40

With a couple appointments on the calendar, Jaclyn had the car today and, in her never-ending quest to want to get out of the house, asked if she could bring the baby by my job around noon to have lunch with me.

While I was initially eager to see them during the day, I suddenly realized that I work around a bunch of children — children of the “Where has that finger been?” variety. With Miles still a few weeks away from getting immunized, I quickly backtracked and said maybe it wasn’t a good idea.

Jaclyn insisted, saying that we could just eat outside and not even bring the baby indoors. She also informed me that this was pretty much the only way I was getting a lunch today. What choice did I have?

Well of course once Jaclyn got out of the car and I met her in the parking lot, it only took about 10 seconds for one of the kids to realize that Baby Miles had arrived. To his credit, the student did not come barreling outside to assail the baby; rather, he stood at the door, peering out and hopping up and down excitedly. Watching him there, and perhaps likening the behavior to that of an adorable puppy, I conceded and waved him to come out.

I’ve worked with this student for nearly two years now, and I have never seen him this excited about anything. Not only that, but when I drew the line at holding the baby, he said, “Okay,” without the slightest arguing. I was fairly amazed. I ultimately did bring Miles in for a moment, proving that even at this early stage of parenthood, I’m a complete pushover.

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