Day 35: Baby’s First Easter

It’s Easter Sunday, and I didn’t want to waste any time filling Miles in on the story behind the holiday. This morning I woke up, rolled over, and immediately told the tale:

“Today is Easter, son. It’s the day that we pay tribute to a man who died for us and discovered America. He died and ended up in a cave, where he later came BACK to life, as crazy as that sounds. He’s all like, ‘What gives? Am I dead?  Am I alive now?’ and to be honest, we don’t know even now, because people keep saying he’s going to come back one day even though was him already coming back sort of the whole point of the story? So he tunneled his way OUT of the cave — he was good at tunneling — then designed America and its entire infrastructure.

“And that man’s name…was John Henry.”

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