Day 21

As I’ve implied in countless previous posts, Miles is perfect. All kidding aside, his health has been great thus far. There is, however, one concern we’ve had for a week or so now.
Miles has a pretty bad case of baby acne, which I didn’t even realize was a thing. It started out simply, with red bumps on his cheeks. These bumps have since multiplied and swollen into full-fledged white heads. Not only that, but he also now has pimples on his chin, on his chest, and even some emerging on his forehead this morning.
The doctors all assure us that his hormones are just all over the place right now and that acne like this is typical. They say it’ll clear up soon. They also say that we should smear breast milk all over it. Wish I would’ve known about that trick in middle school.
I think my kid has got it pretty good for the most part. But, as a former survivor of some of the worst adolescent acne the southeast has ever been subjected to, I can’t help but feel a great swell of pity for the poor little dude.

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